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April 2024 Top Online Poker Bonuses

Before players can learn about using online poker bonuses, they should first have a good basic understanding of what online poker bonuses are and how they are awarded. Many online poker rooms have begun to offer online bonuses as a way of attracting new players as the online poker industry becomes more and more competitive.

How Do Online Poker Bonuses Work?

A poker bonus is really just free playing credits that is awarded to the player and that the player may use in the same way that they would their real money chips. Most online poker rooms will award a bonus to a player if they make a real money deposit of a certain value or if it is their very first real money deposit.

Of course, there are terms and conditions that will apply to this deposit and players will have to meet all the requirements before the deposit is considered ‘cleared’. Generally speaking, the deposit has to be cleared before the player can request to cash out your balance.

Choosing The Right Online Poker Bonus

It is important for players to remember that not all poker bonuses are created equal. There are some bonuses that offer a lot more value than others. The amount of value on offer will depend on factors such as the actual monetary value of the bonus, the betting requirements and terms stipulated and the reputation of the online poker room offering the bonus. Players are encouraged to research all three factors before deciding to sign up for any online casino bonus.

Clear The Online Poker Bonus Efficiently Using Poker Strategy

Online poker rooms will always stipulate exactly how many raked hand the player needs to play or just how much the player must wager before the bonus can be considered cleared. Some online poker rooms will also place a time limit on the bonus and stipulate that the terms must be met within a certain amount of time.

The best strategy in all cases is not to panic. You can clear the online poker bonus without resorting to reckless playing and foolishly large bets. The best approach is to opt for multi hand poker. This allows players to clear bonuses quickly while still playing smartly.













Mobile Poker

Mobile poker refers to poker games that can be played via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This form of online poker is growing increasingly poker as more and more people purchase these devices.

Notable Benefits

One of the main benefits associated with mobile poker would have to be convenience of it all. Players can simply take out their iPhone as they commute to work or log in via their tablet while at the coffee shop if they wish to enjoy a few games of mobile poker. Technological advances now mean that there is no longer a need to have to go to a brick-and-mortar casino or even have to go home to your desktop in order to enjoy a few hands of poker.

Also, mobile poker players do not have to struggle with downloads that take very long. The entire sign up process is completed within a few minutes and players can then immediately enjoy mobile poker via their mobile device.

As the demand increases and more players are purchasing mobile devices, more online poker establishments are beginning to cater for this mobile market. Before this boom in demand, there were perhaps just a handful of mobile poker sites and apps. These days, there are so many different options for all devices, including Apple mobile devices, players may find it difficult to make a choice.

As mobile devices are advancing, players can expect the mobile poker experience to improve as well. Graphics and gameplay are constantly becoming more and more refined. Most mobile devices are capable of now providing the player with a high quality poker experience.

Playing Mobile Poker

Before playing any game, you will have to ensure that the app is compatible with your mobile device. Also, when choosing a variation of mobile poker on offer, it would be wise to keep important factors in min. For example, make sure that the mobile poker game suits your skill level and budget, make sure that it is reputable and offers high quality gameplay and generous bonuses.

The registration process for mobile poker apps is really quite easy. Players generally provide details such as their email address, a user name and password. Once the account has been created, players are then able to select any bonuses that they wish to make use of before making their first real money deposit.

Most mobile poker apps are very user friendly and finding the cashier and the selection of poker games on offer is generally quite intuitive. Players can easily select the game of their choice before choosing their buy-in amount and starting to play.

Sites Selected By Real Money Games

Even though real money online gambling is a fun way to play your favourite casino games, you can play many of the most well-known games for free using your bonus. This is a great way to try out a variety of games and stand a chance of winning real money in the process. All of our featured casino sites host the following list of casino games and have been tested by us.

Winning Tips For Mobile Poker Players

As with any form of gambling, it is important to note that there is always a chance of losing. There can never be a guarantee of a win as the outcome of any poker games is somewhat dependent on luck as well as skill. However, there are a few tactics that players can use to help improve their chances of winning.

Players are advised to always start playing mobile poker with low stakes while taking full advantage of promising mobile-specific bonuses. Lastly, players should ensure that their mobile device is fully charged and will not switch off in the middle of their poker game.

How to Play Texas Hold ’em Poker

Poker is one of the most popular and enduring card games that has ever been developed and played in the history of all card based games. There are quite a number of different types and styles of poker and this gives the game of poker its colour and variety, more so than any other type of card game that is still being played today. One of the most popular of all styles of poker is of course Texas Hold ’em poker.

Texas hold ‘em poker is actually a fairly new variation on traditional poker and is only around twenty or thirty years old. In that rather relatively short space of time Texas Hold ‘em has grown to become possibly the most popular variation of modern poker played today. Texas Hold ‘em is particularly popular within the rapidly developing online poker community, being the number one variety of poker played in international online poker rooms.

The popularity of Texas Hold ‘em poker, has led to a slew of new players interested in learning how this particular variety of poker works. Texas Hold ‘em is actually quite easy to understand. In Texas Hold ‘em poker each player gets two cards. This is quite different to other variations of poker where the normal amount of received cards is five.

The next step is five cards that are laid out in the centre of the table. Out of the five cards that are laid out in the centre of the table, three of them are laid out face up while the other two are face down.

Each player can then compare their two cards in hand with the three facing up on in the centre of the table, by seeing what the values of the three cards facing up in the centre of the table and the two cards in hand, each player can then decide what to bet on based on the strength off that combined hand.

After the first round of betting the fourth card is turned over and another round of betting takes place. After that round of betting the fifth card is then turned over which is followed by another round of betting. The player with the best hand wins.


How to Play Omaha Poker

The game of Omaha poker is not a new game and has in fact been a popular style of poker for quite a few years now. Originally played in Europe, the game of Omaha poker is now enjoyed all over the world and is now currently rated as the second biggest style of poker in the world no less.

In its essence Omaha poker is actually quite similar in many ways to Texas Hold’em, the most played poker game in the world today. This is probably the single biggest reason why Omaha poker has become so popular all over the world, the transition is extremely easy as the rules and game play are actually very similar, almost identical in fact.

So the transition to the game of Omaha poker is quite a simple one for Texas Hold’em fans, so why should they bother playing another style of poker it is already similar to the style of poker that they already love? The answer is quite simple, Omaha poker features a lot more action than Texas Hold’em, with much higher levels and frequency of betting and calling bets and a higher number of hands per round or pot.

Main Differences between Omaha Poker and Texas Hold’em

When you break it down there really are only two main differences between Omaha poker and Texas Hold’em. The first main difference between these two massively popular versions of poker is in the deal. In Texas Hold’em every player is dealt two cards but in Omaha poker every player is actually dealt four cards.

The second main difference, and perhaps most important difference, is in the rules regarding the evaluation of winning hands when it comes to showing hands. In Omaha poker there are more rules and they tend to be slightly more complicated.

Omaha Poker Rules and Game Play – The Basics

Omaha poker is usually played with no less than two players and no more than ten at a single table sitting. Like any other poker game, the idea is to win as much as you can off the other players at the table and you accomplish this by winning pots. You can win pots by either getting everyone else to fold their hands or by having the best hand at the table for that round or pot.

Every game of Omaha poker follows a basic pattern of three main stages, the set up stage, the betting stage and the showing of hands, known simply in Omaha poker as the showdown. The set up stage begins with a drawing of cards to determine the dealer; this is achieved by highest card drawn. The rest of the game play is similar to Texas Hold’em.

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Playing Online Poker

Playing online poker can be very rewarding for everyone. You will find that all of the online casinos provide for online poker games to be made available at all times. Those who choose to try their hand at some online gambling will undoubtedly find some poker playing to be the something to look forward to. It is a fact that the introduction of online poker to the world-wide-web has been responsible for so many more poker players across the globe.

Online casinos usually cater perfectly to the novice poker player by allowing them to play for low stakes or even have free tournaments where the entry to a poker game is free. This is ideal for those who are just starting out in their poker playing career or do not have excessive money to spend at that particular time.

The very first poker game to be played online involving real money was done so on 1 January 1998. Of course things may have changed since 1998 and there are various online gambling laws in place that protect both players and online casinos from potential foul play and so on. Of course playing poker online, for real money, is absolutely legal in just about every country. Playing online poker now is something that most people over the ages of 21 have done or at least attempted.

Those who wish to play online poker will find that most online casinos offer games where free poker software must be downloaded, but there are a number of sites that allow for no software to be downloaded and for the player to enjoy their poker experience download-free.

Online casinos will ensure that rules, regulations and explanations on how to play poker are made available on their websites so that everyone can feel comfortable with the game, the process and how to take home the winnings. Certain online regulations and systems are set in place to ensure that no one attempts to trick the system and that all players have a fair and equal chance at winning. When it comes to playing online poker, browse around for a few possible online casinos to help you out.

Best Online Poker Rooms

Poker is one of the most preferred of all the classic casino games. It is still avidly played in land based and online poker rooms all across the world. The game may take a lifetime to master even for those who play it frequently. The excitement and thrill of poker has kept people coming back for more for many centuries.

There are many different online poker rooms available. However, many of these poker rooms belong to the same network which would mean that they share a player base and game server. There are only about thirty different networks to which more than one hundred different poker rooms belong.

There are quite a few things that you should consider when looking for online poker room at which to enjoy this casino classic. Here are a few of the top factors that should be looked at:

High quality software
This is a non-negotiable factor. You need to ensure that the software being used by the poker room is high in quality as this will greatly influence the quality of your gambling experience. Consider aspects such as the quality of the graphics and the selection of games available.

Bonuses and promotions
The bonuses and promotions on offer by a particular poker room can give your playing money added value. This is why it is important that you shop around for the best bonuses on offer.

Level of service
Make sure that the poker room that you play at offers a high and professional level of customer service.

Traffic and popularity of the poker room
Try to find a poker room that experiences an adequate of traffic. This will ensure that many different poker games are active and available for you to participate in.

Variety of poker games on offer
There are many different forms of poker in existence and you should try to find a poker room that offers a wide range of games to choose from.

Testing it out
Trial and error is one of the best ways to find the best poker room for you. Test a few different rooms and pay close attention to the different points mentioned above. You will then be able to make an educated decision about which is the best one for you.

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Legislation Regarding USA Online Poker

In the year 2006 the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act or UIGEA was established in the United States in a bid to eradicate potential money laundering activities through online gambling. Essentially the UIGEA made it illegal for any American banking institution to accept any money that had been made through online gambling.

A group was established post UIGEA regulation in 2006 to try and attempt to persuade the US Congress to establish a Federal bill that would see the USA online poker lobby successfully push for a new regulated online poker environment, one that would see more cooperation between online casinos or online poker sites, online poker players and banks working together to create a safer and more transparent environment for all parties concerned.

Problems Facing USA Online Poker

One of the biggest problems to trouble the USA online poker regulation bid was a rather unpopular bill tabled in the US Senate in 2012 that, on the one hand purported to be on the side of USA online poker but then on the other hand sought to severely limit activities relating to USA online poker.

In 2013 a greater focus has been placed on creating legislative initiatives in a more state by state basis in place of a more overall federal approach which many see as having failed completely. The idea of each state pushing its own legislation regarding the ability of American poker players to be able to play poker online is far more popular as more see it as possible in the short term.

The Future of USA Online Poker

Many believe that the future of USA online poker is looking bright, at least brighter than in recent years. The state by state legislation efforts seem to be paying off for some states while other are still quite far behind.

States such as Nevada and New Jersey have made far more progress than other states. These two states in particular are well known as gambling territories with Las Vegas in Nevada and Atlantic City in New Jersey. Currently Nevada are leading the race with one official internet online poker site up and running and in full swing.