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Caribbean Stud Poker is a form of poker that is steadily rising in popularity in recent decades. It is considered a relatively new game that varies from conventional forms of poker. Caribbean stud poker is played against the casino or house rather than other players and bluffing is not permitted. This makes it significantly different from the classic forms of poker and gives the game a more direct play-method.

The origins of Caribbean Stud are uncertain. It has been claimed that David Sklansky developed the game in 1982, naming it as Casino Poker. During the late 80’s the game was taken to Aruba where it was patented by an unknown player and casino. It was renamed as Caribbean Stud Poker, in reference to Aruba’s geographical location. A contrasting story suggests that in 1987 a player by the name if James Suttle learned the game by lending another player a sum of money. James then sold the game to Danny Jones who owned the King International Casino. This casino was located in Aruba. In either event, the name of the game originated on the island. Decades later, it has spread to a number of casinos worldwide.

In the United Kingdom the game is known as five card stud poker. As the rules are identical so it is still considered the same game. The British game does not use a chip dropper. The only other difference is the values of payouts, though this varies between countries and between some casinos in the United States. Due to the very specific nature of play, the strategy employed by players will differ from other forms of Poker such as Texas Hold ’em.

Without the element of deceptive tactics or bluffing, traditionalist Poker players see Caribbean Stud Poker as a more clinical version of the game that diminishes the need for more experience and talent. At the same time Caribbean Stud Poker is an attractive form of poker for those who are just learning the basics of the game and have not developed misdirection skills.

What is Caribbean Stud?

There are many really interesting and intriguing online casino games that are designed to keep players interested in staying and playing at an online casino, the game of Caribbean stud is an exotic and exciting example. The game of Caribbean stud developed out of the game of poker and is a variation of the same structure and rules with one notable exception. In Caribbean stud poker you do not play against other players but rather against the house. The house is the casino itself and in the game is represented by the dealer.

The game kicks off with a five card deal and if you as one of the players decides that you want to carry on then you have to call against the dealer, if however you feel that your hand is too weak you can opt out of the round by folding.













Caribbean poker rules

Caribbean poker, or Caribbean Stud Poker as it is also known, is a table game played in casinos all over the world. Various people lay claim to the origins of the game, but the actual account of how it became the popular game it is today originates in 1987 in Las Vegas.

The game is similar to the typical five card poker that is played in casinos generally, but in contrast to the typical poker game, it is played against the dealer instead of the other players. There is also no tricking or faking like in the common stud poker.

Caribbean Poker rules are generally governed by the casinos in America, and the bets and wager limits differ from place to place.

Players commence playing by placing their bet on a designated spot on the table top, and all bets must be placed before the dealer announces the end of betting. The players then each have a choice to take part in the progressive betting part of the contest. To indicate their interest to do this, players have to put a chip in the space on the table, which will turn on a light for that seat, indicating interest from that player to be included with that hand.

Five downward facing cards are then dealt to the dealer and to the players. One card is turned over by the dealer and moved closer to the players. The players will then observe their own cards and are not allowed to talk about their cards to anybody else while the game is on. There is now a choice for the players between folding and playing. If the players want to stay playing, they have to double their bet in the betting area.

If they want to surrender or fold, they will then lose whatever bet they placed in the designated betting area at the commencement of the game. The dealer will turn over his card after all the players have decided whether to play or fold. The hand with the highest value (in poker terms) will then win. If the dealer wins, the player loses their bet and the increase. If the player wins, payouts are done on a predetermined even and odds table.

Caribbean Stud Strategy

The game of Caribbean stud is simply another form of poker with a few changes, the most notable of these is that you play against the dealer and not against other players at the table; one could think of Caribbean stud as a game with poker rules and blackjack game play. Developing a winning online Caribbean stud strategy is actually a rather simple affair. The most basic element of a winning online Caribbean stud strategy is to play any pair that you get while also folding any hand less than ace through to king.

You may be surprised to learn that employing this basic strategy will actually reduce the advantage or house edge that the casino has in the game while at the same time drastically increasing your own chances of winning.

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How to Take Advantage and Win with an Ace to King Hand

To start off you should always raise if your hand is ace, king, queen or ace, king and jack if the dealer is showing a face up card of king or ace. If you have the ace king combination in hand then the dealers chances of getting a high pair are rather drastically reduced, this means your chances of winning increases.

Similarly a hand combination of ace, king, queen or ace, king, jack should be raised against a dealer face up card of anything from two to five. It is important that you also bear in mind that high combinations are not as frequent as one ,might think in Caribbean stud so playing lots of smaller combinations such as pairs is a very good idea.

Anyone who has been playing Caribbean Poker for long enough is very well aware of the fact that it is not easy to win significant amounts of money when playing this game; the rules of the game make it different for the player to make any real progress and then there’s the fact that Caribbean Poker is said to have possibly the worst odds of all games that may be played in a casino.

Those who have been playing Caribbean Poker for long periods of time will stipulate that the odds favour the house to such a large extent that the house has an approximately five percent advantage over the player. They go on to state therefore, that it is simply not a very good idea at all to play the game of Caribbean Poker without having developed a Caribbean strategy, and this should be done very early on due to the fact that while Caribbean Poker is in actual fact more similar to the game of blackjack than it is to poker and that the only commonality between blackjack and Caribbean Poker lies in the fact that Caribbean Poker has adopted poker’s hands for the purpose of tallying the score.

When taking into account how phenomenal the odds in favour of the house, the most sensible Caribbean strategy is to ensure that one places small bets; it is an eventuality that the player will lose his money and common sense dictates that the prospect of losing small pockets of money is better than that of losing larger sums. It is also imperative that one understands that the game of Caribbean Poker is such that there are always maximum payout amounts allocated to each table therefore the second most critical Caribbean strategy to avoid any added and unnecessary frustrations that may lead to careless mistakes by taking the time to find out exactly what the maximum payout amount is and placing his or her bets in line with this amount. It is also necessary to formulate a Caribbean strategy that slows down the pace at which one loses.

Online Caribbean Poker


Whether played online or in a live casino, Caribbean stud poker is a five card table game that is played against the house as opposed to other players. As a result there is no need for tells, bluffing or any kind of deception, making this a fairly low pressure relaxed game. Many purists don’t even consider this a form of poker. In fact, several online casinos even offer Caribbean stud tables a progressive jackpot, making the game more akin to slots than to poker!

Like any online gambling, it is vital that you choose to play with a reputable online casino. There are several online casino review websites that rate casinos according to bonuses, security, payouts and software functioning. This should be your first port of call.

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