Cookie Policy

We May Utilize a Few Cookies

Cookies are little text files that are stored on a user’s computer by a website in order to facilitate the user’s continued access to the website, improve the user’s overall experience on the website, and remember the user’s preferences.

What Exactly Are These “Cookies,” Then?

When you visit websites, some websites use a piece of technology known as a cookie, which is a very little file or piece of data that is recorded on your computer or other device. It grants the website the ability to keep your actions and choices (such as language, login, and display preferences like font size) for a specific amount of time, which enables you to avoid having to re-enter them each time you visit the website or navigate from one web page to another.

Your Selections

When you use our website, you are giving your consent for cookies to be stored and used on the computer or other device you are using.

You are not required to use cookies in order to enjoy our site in its entirety; nevertheless, certain features or areas of the site may not function properly, and navigation may be slower.

If you do not want your computer or other device to save cookies, you can disable the ability to do so in the system settings of your browser by selecting the “cookies” category. You also have the option to erase the stored cookies associated with your system settings at any time.

You can get more information on how to delete cookies or turn off cookie functionality by following the link provided here: Bear in mind, on the other hand, that if you choose not to accept cookies, this may limit the functioning of the products and services that we provide.

Categories of Cookies

Cookies are utilized on this website for a variety of reasons and functionalities.

A Few Of These Cookies Are:

  • Required in the very specific technical language (or technical necessity)
  • Utilized and kept for a specific amount of time before being discarded (or storage duration)
  • Kept or positioned by either our website or a third party (or cookie provider)

The Importance of Technology

Cookies Strictly Speaking, Are:

Cookies are used on our website because certain cookies are required in order for the site and its services to operate effectively. These cookies are strictly necessary. In the event that you access the website or a particular function, these cookies will be deposited on your computer or another device automatically. The only exception to this is if you have your browser settings configured to refuse cookies.

Not Necessary: Certain cookies are stored on a user’s computer or another device, despite the fact that they are not strictly necessary. This is done in order to improve the efficiency and convenience of our website as well as to save certain settings that you have made. In addition, we use cookies that, in technical terms, are not required in order to obtain data on the frequency with which particular sections of our website are used. This allows us to adjust to your requirements and needs in a manner that is more specifically geared toward meeting your expectations.

Time Spent in Storage

Cookies Used Just During Your Website Session These cookies are referred to as “session cookies,” and they are used only during the time that you are logged in to your website. When you leave our website or when the time for your current session runs out, this information either stops being valid or is deleted. Cookies used throughout a session can be used, for instance, to remember certain data while the user is logged in.

Cookies can be classified as either temporary or permanent, depending on how long they are kept. One illustration of this would be to make it possible for our website to recognize users the next time they return to access the saved configurations of their account. For instance, you will then be able to visit online pages more quickly or with greater comfort, and there will be no need to reset some selections, such as the language that you have selected. After a predetermined amount of time has passed, persistent cookies are automatically removed.

Flow Cookies: These types of cookies allow different groups inside our firm to communicate with one another by using our internal servers. They will be saved to your computer or another device as soon as you begin visiting the site, but they will be removed as soon as you have completed navigating the site. Although flow cookies do get a one-of-a-kind reference number, we are unable to draw any conclusions about the client or actual user based on this information.

Cookie Providers

Cookies from the Provider: These are the cookies that are placed on your device by our website or by the operator of our website who we have commissioned.

Cookies that are utilized and stored by other websites or organizations, such as web analytics tools, are referred to as third-party cookies. Cookies may also be used by third-party service providers in order to integrate social networking material such as social plugins or display advertisements. Please read the following section of our cookie policy for further information regarding the Web analytics tools as well as the measurement of reach.

Utilization of Cookies for the Purpose of Web Analytics and Reach Measurement

One of the web analytics services offered by Google is called Google Analytics, which our website makes use of. Cookies are used by Google Analytics to determine which parts of our website are visited the most frequently and to gather information regarding user preferences. The information that the cookie gathers about your specific usage of this website (such as your abbreviated IP address), is sent to a server run by Google that is located in the United States of America, where it is subsequently kept. After then, Google will use the information to conduct an analysis of how you use our website, provide reports on the activity of our website for us, and perform further services connected to the use of websites and the Internet. When the law compels Google to do so or when third parties are required to process this data for Google, Google may also send this data to various other third parties.

If you no longer wish to make use of website analytics, you may disable Google Analytics by installing a browser add-on that does so. You can download the add-on by following the URL that is provided here:

On your computer or other device, the add-on will store data that corresponds to the Google Analytics deactivation you have performed. It is essential to keep in mind that this particular “opt out” choice will only deactivate Google Analytics for the particular browser and device on which the choice to opt out was initially activated. It is possible that you will also need to activate it in the event that the cookies on your device are deleted.

These Three Kinds of Cookies Are the Most Popular:

Analytics Provided by Google

This cookie was placed by Google. Our website is able to gather information on how people interact with the site thanks to this feature. This includes the length of time spent on the site, the pages that were viewed, if the user has been here before, and the websites that they visited before coming to ours.

Facebook Pixel

This cookie was placed on your device by Facebook. Our website is able to measure, build, and optimize audiences for advertising campaigns that are offered on social platforms as a result of this functionality.

One Signal

This cookie was put here by One Signal. Our website will be able to remember that you have subscribed to get push notifications because of this. Additionally, the cookie enables our website to offer individualized notifications to users.


This cookie was placed by VWO. In order to identify individual users, it places cookies in the browsers of customers and users. These cookies contain no personal data. They may also store the data locally on the devices and gather it by making use of capabilities such as browser web storage.


This cookie is being set by Hotjar. It stores data that does not personally identify you so that it can provide you with a better experience on the website, analyze trends, and detect technical problems.

Real Bonus Online

Our website is able to design better landing pages with the assistance of the program Unbounce. These cookies are used to store data that does not personally identify a user in order to improve the overall user experience and landing page performance.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns on Google Are Made Possible Through AdWords

To Double-Click:

This is utilized by online advertisers, and it allows them to promote on several ad servers at the same time.