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If you are interested in learning about craps or trying a game of online craps then your best bet is to try free online craps. The craps software simulator is the very best way to get introduced to the game of online craps and is also the best way to learn how to play the game or just sharpen up your skills in free practice. Online craps software is completely free to download to your desktop.

The game of craps is by far one of the most popular of any of the classic casino games; with the introduction of online casinos it did not take long for online craps games to become popular. Today online craps is one of the most popular types of online casino games and is in actual fact even more popular now than real land based casino craps games. There are a number of different reasons why this is so, the internet is an international, global platform and now thousands of new players are able to access online casinos and online craps games.

Part of the problem with craps is the misconception that it is too difficult for new players and while this may be true for the real land based casino version of craps, it is most certainly not true for online craps. This is the true beauty of online craps; there are so many resources online that can help you to learn to play the game of craps like a real professional. The free to download online craps software simulator also goes a long way in helping new players learn all of the ins and outs that are associated with the game of craps.

The other advantage of being able to play free craps games online is that there is absolutely no risk involved what so ever, you do not have to make any real money bets in order to enjoy a full game of craps which is then the perfect way to learn and experiment with different strategies. No risk means no pressure; you can play, win or lose and experiment until you develop your own personal game.

Craps is simply a casino game. It’s simply put a spin to the traditional game of dice throwing. Whether it’s on-line craps or street craps that you want to play.qll you need to do is roll the dice.

So if you’re not the typical gambler or casino player, here is the low down about craps, just for the dummy.













First to know is that there are mainly two types of craps

The first craps is informal and the rules are slightly bent. It is known as street craps, shooting dice or rolling dice.
The other crap is the more elite and casino famous craps. It is called bank craps, casino craps or table craps.

The key players in craps

Craps has come a long way since its days of being known as ‘hazard. It has since evolved greatly from those days. For any craps dummy, it helps to know the key players of the game, particularly those of bank craps. Bank craps is played by multiple players betting against one another by taking turns on rolling the dice.

The shooter

The person who is rolling the dice. The shooter must place chips on the board sections on the green craps table. The shooter bets on the pass line or don’t pass line; this is the line that determines the chances of ‘winning’ or ‘losing’.

The base dealers

Two dealers who stand by the craps table, announcing results of each dice roll.

The box man

Stands to guard the chips and mentor the dealers. The box man is the one who literally guards the craps table.

The stick man

Two stick men who collect the dice with long wooden sticks.

Many key players for just one round of dice throwing and the higher the wagers (The amount of money placed on a round or bet’, the higher the stakes. Just because you’re new in the game doesn’t mean you can’t get the best deals. Always ask the casino about their casino bonus even if it’s an on-line casino. Come on, you can’t be a dummy forever.

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Basics about the game of craps

Craps has probably been around as long as there have been dice and players simply make predictions about the outcome of the roll after dice have been thrown. Players can shoot dice against each other or against the casino. Street craps is a common player-against-player version and it is enjoyed in informal settings that require very little equipment. Table craps is popular in land based casinos.

The game of craps is actually a variation of an old English pastime called hazard. Craps was influenced by the French and taken to America by French travellers. In fact, the words ‘craps’ is derived from ‘crapaud’, the French word for ‘toad’ after the way street players crouch on the pavement or street corner when they roll dice. Street craps is often seen during wars played by army soldiers with limited resources to get their minds off more pressing issues. This gave rise to the army blanket roll as a means of giving players more dice control. Without a backboard or pavement, soldiers used an army blanket for a shooting surface. These days the American version of craps with it rules and adaptations thereof are the most popular in the world.

Craps is purely a game of luck and gambling entertainment. There is no known, proven strategy or technique that can be applied to throwing a couple of dice and successfully influence a win for the thrower. In South Africa, craps is known as shooting dice and the opinions about street craps and casino craps differ greatly. A lot of people associate street craps with thugs who waste their time standing at street corners scouting their next prey whereas casino craps is seen as a glamorous and classy affair.

Bank craps, as casino craps is otherwise known, is played on a table usually covered with a green or red cloth. On the casino craps table it is not just about the sum of the number of dots on the dice, players can also place bets about where on the table the dice will land. Craps is certainly worth a try because it is easy and very lucrative.

Sites Selected By Real Money Games

Even though real money online gambling is a fun way to play your favourite casino games, you can play many of the most well-known games for free using your bonus. This is a great way to try out a variety of games and stand a chance of winning real money in the process. All of our featured casino sites host the following list of casino games and have been tested by us.

Tips For Craps Players

Craps can be a very intimidating casino game. The following tips and advice has been tried and tested by novice and experienced craps players all over the world.

Keep a close eye on the amount of money that you spend when trying out betting or craps systems. Keep in mind that there is no magical or guaranteed system that will ensure that you always win when playing craps. In fact, the house always wins in the long run. This means that the longer you play; the more of a chance the house stands to win. Craps is a game of luck and chance and it should be enjoyed as such

Whenever possible, players should always try to bet on the biggest odds at the craps table.

One of the biggest mistakes that novice craps players make is to take advice and tips from fellow craps players. Many craps players are not nearly as good or experienced as they like to think they are. Following their advice could be devastating. Other craps players may want to sabotage your success for their own reasons and deliberately give you bad advice. In either case, you would do a lot better if you conduct your own research and draw your own conclusions about how to bet.

It should be noted that many craps players are extremely superstitious. Try to learn what you can about these superstitions before you play craps at a land based casino. Of course, if you are playing craps online then you would not have to worry about other players and their superstitious beliefs.

When playing craps at a brick and mortar casino it would be good etiquette to steer clear of doing anything that may be perceived as being unlucky. For example, if you are a male that has never played craps before, try not to mention this fact to anyone at the craps table as “male craps-virgins” are considered to be bad luck. However, female craps-virgins are believed to be very good luck indeed as they would bring luck to everyone at the craps table.


Why Play Free Craps Online?

There are many very popular on, one casino games like slots and roulette which have a huge following, but none of them are quite as exciting or a s fun as online craps is. Online craps is the number one online casino game and if you have not tried it, then you owe it to yourself to do so as soon as you can.

One of the main problems however with trying craps is the fact that the game is not as simple and straight forward as other types of online casino games. This fact can be the main reason why so money people are put off learning how to play this exciting and fast paced game. This is where the online version of craps really comes into its own because, unlike in real land based casinos, with the online craps games you can actually learn while you are playing.

Now this may sound too good to be true but there are in fact many online resources such as the online craps software simulator that you can download for free that will actually help you to learn how to play the game of craps online. There are of course dozens of other free online craps simulators and downloads, you can even play free craps online without having to download anything, you just play within your browser.

It is critical that you first learn how to play the game of craps for free before you try to actually play for money. There are a number of complex bets that you need to learn about as well as a set of rules that govern these bets. Playing free craps online gives you a chance to learn the layout of the craps table and where all the bets happen. It is also important to learn how the odds on the dice roll work.