Technological Advances in the iGaming Industry

It appears like 2021 will be a banner year for the online gaming industry. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rule our lives, and an increasing number of people prefer to bet online rather than at land-based casinos. This is precisely why iGaming service providers will strive to grow their companies in the coming year.

For this to happen, new technology developments must be achieved, resulting in new and superior kinds of online gaming. In light of the foregoing, consider some of the technological breakthroughs that will have an impact on the sector in 2021. 

The virtual encounter 

The concept of virtual reality, sometimes known as VR, has been around for quite some time. Gamers have long imagined being able to physically enter the places in which they play rather than simply seeing them on screen. Virtual reality headsets were made available to the public for the first time not long ago, and initial reactions were mixed. Even if the technology was practical, the aesthetics and playability might be much better. Virtual reality (VR) technology has advanced in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2021.

The iGaming business is catching up to this trend, and virtual reality casinos are now available. This year, a growing number of gaming service providers will commit more resources to the development of their online casinos to provide their consumers with the most authentic casino environment possible. Individuals who yearn for traditional land-based casinos but are determined to follow the laws of social isolation will come to admire internet casinos in a very short period. Furthermore, the technology underlying virtual reality is improving over time. For example, this year could be the year that virtual reality headsets begin to recognize a wider range of facial emotions. 

Games for mobile devices 

The mobile device market is constantly expanding. People are spending less time at their computers since mobile devices can now do the same duties as desktop PCs. The use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has been simplified, and you can take them with you everywhere you go. As a result, an increasing number of people who enjoy gambling do it away from home, playing their favorite casino games.

At the moment, mobile devices account for more than 70% of all gaming revenue, and this trend is expected to continue through 2021. As a result, it should come as no surprise that online casinos will concentrate an even larger focus on mobile gaming this year. This implies that they will develop new mobile casino games and look for ways to improve the whole experience of playing mobile casinos. The good news is that the introduction of new technologies is simplifying the jobs that they must complete. With all of the new and improved screen technology, 5G networks, and beautiful new designs, it shouldn’t be difficult to provide players with the ultimate casino experience on their mobile devices. 

A cloud network

The newly created distributed cloud technology has the potential to revolutionize the online gaming industry. Because most online casinos attract players from all around the world, they must ensure that their websites are up and running. This suggests that lowering latency and reducing the quantity of data lost could help them improve their service. In comparison to its predecessor, the newly built distributed cloud system has lower latency and less data loss.

This unique cloud-based technique works by decentralizing cloud service provision across many physical locations. This means that iGaming sites will be able to forgo the traditional centralized cloud method and relocate their servers to places closer to their players. Because of the problem in specific parts of the world, such as Africa and South America, the new strategy has the potential to make major strides toward strengthening the sector as a whole. The cloud is improving all the time, and this move could be the trigger for even more growth in the iGaming industry. 

Casino software enhancements 

If you’re into coding, you’re probably aware of how much work goes into making a game. For the convenience of those who are uninformed, here is an example: The creators of World of Warcraft had to write 5.5 million lines of code to make the game work. Despite the fact that playing casino games online takes less time, the software utilized in casinos is still extremely complex. Despite this, the iGaming industry is still in its early stages, and casinos are constantly striving to improve and add new games to their offers.

When we talk about these adjustments, we’re not just talking about the gameplay; they also want to improve the graphics and provide players with more alternatives. By 2021, casino software may have evolved to the point that it provides a better user experience. In addition, there will be a plethora of fresh new games for us to enjoy, many of which will be extremely different from previous games. The fortunes of companies that provide casino software, such as Play Tech and Micro gaming, are currently on the rise. If this trend continues, there is no doubt that they will introduce even more new items to us in 2021. 

New payment methods 

It is safe to say that there are still some people who are hesitant to conduct business over the internet. Even while using credit and debit cards to pay has gotten more convenient over the years, other payment methods have also become accessible. These new options are not only risk-free but also faster and less expensive than their predecessors. Cryptocurrency, which stands for digital currency, is the type of payment that has received the most attention in recent years.

Because these digital currencies are so secure, online casinos should see a growth in the number of clients who use their services. In 2021, a brand-new type of digital money called Diem will be introduced. Diem, formerly known as Libra, is Facebook’s take on cryptocurrency, and it will be interesting to see what online casino players think of it once it is available. Furthermore, given the rapid growth of the digital currency industry, more players who use credit cards may give it a try. One thing is certain: cryptocurrency will play a large role in the online gaming industry by 2021. If current trends continue, it will be easier for online casinos to boost their operational speed and deliver greater customer service. 


The fact is that we are currently living in a technology age, and as a result, we should be prepared for a wide range of breakthroughs to emerge shortly. Some of them have the potential to fundamentally revolutionize the industry and provide even more excitement for online casino players.